1. You Order or Drop Off

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Book a collection online by phone, Text & via Whats App, and we will be there with your free drop and go bag to fill! 
Or why not Drop your items to us at our fully equipped facility and meet our friendly team!
you will love our Dry Cleaners in Eltham 

2. We Collect & Clean

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Let us know where you are, office or home or come and visit us! 
We are sure you will love our craft offering
quality fabric care and discreet, attentive service.

3. We Deliver or you Collect

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We’ll deliver your fresh items back to you at your convenience anytime and anywhere!
Alternatively you can pick up at our processing facility.



White Rose Laundries is London's most exclusive dry cleaning and laundry provider, offering the highest quality in cleaning and service. We provide the most convenient service across London solution using the most sophisticated technology.


Vicuña is London's exclusive dry cleaning and garment care service provider. Each of Vicuña's luxury concierge services are tailored to suit our client’s discreet lifestyles and changing requirements.


Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services 2Busy2clean provide a free collection and delivery service to private customers, hoteliers, & restaurateurs throughout London (subject to minimum order value of £25). Established in 1982, we have over thirty years of experience in the field of dry cleaning and laundry.


With a vast experience in domestic cleaning and a high end clientele, EK Cleaning has established itself as one of the most trusted facility services suppliers in London and beyond.


White Rose Laundriescommenced trading in a retail outlet in Shepherds Bush, West London.  In 1977, our current Managing Director, Ejaz A Osmani took over the business from his parents and grew the family business to its present day leading position.
We believe in vertically integrating as much of the cleaning process as possible in order to achieve the high standards set by ourselves and ultimately, our Client base.  To this end we own and operate a modern fleet of vans used to personally collect and delivery your Garments in pristine condition.  Our Factory unit in Park Royal is conveniently located to serve the West End and City of London using the latest technologies including Alternative Chemicals Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, and Polymer Bead Technology.
Our highly skilled team take great pride in providing you with a consistent high quality finish through careful use of automated machinery as well as fine hand finishing.  Tours of the facility can be made by prior arrangement.
White Rosealso operates three retail locations.  The first is where we started in 1972 in Shepherds Bush and the other two are located in the West End.
In addition to our own brand, we manage the Dry Cleaning Direct, Office Collection Service, Just Shirts and the High End Specialist Cleaning Service, Perry de Montaignac specialising in Wedding and Fine Evening Apparel.



 2Busy2Clean operate a dry cleaning collection and delivery service throughout central London. 

Dapper Dry Cleaners

Our services are tailored to your needs

If you don’t have time to press or iron your shirts, then we´ve got the solution for you: our premium ironing service supplies crease-free and professionally pressed clothes- you´ll never have to worry about scrunched shirts or rumpled dresses again. Our professional launderers also deal with bed linen, fur coats and other heavier materials, by hand-ironing or using top quality shirt-pressing technology for premium products.