Parcel Concierge

Whether you manage a handful of parcels a week, or thousands a month, PingLocker provides the simplest, most cost effective solution to meet your needs
From the most simple & most cost effective internal delivery tracking solution for your property, to the most technologically advanced. Snap photo's of the shipping label, automatically notify residents of collection details, provide 24/7 access to residents to collect using our concierge lockers or intelligent concierge rooms.

Our Solution

If you receive and track packages, there's nothing simpler, safer, or more cost effective than using PingLocker's solution. Our package management platform is so simple and easy to use, it also connects to our concierge lockers and rooms allowing you to provide 24/7 collection for residents.

Works for every building

Whether you have a 24/7 on-site concierge or part-time concierge team, or anything in between, PingLocker provides a cost effective solution.

- Works with every building
- Replaces paper-based systems
- Increases convenience for residents
- Reduces workload for staff
- Works as a standalone solution 
- Connects to our concierge lockers and rooms

Parcel Concierge Software

Our stand alone parcel tracking software solution provides the best value for money on the market. Transform your paper based parcel management processes into a modern solution that simplifies process for on-site staff and provides instant notifications, along with images for your residents.
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Parcel Lockers

Alongside our standard software, you can also install and connect our digital concierge lockers in your building. This provides 24/7 convenience for residents when collecting parcels that have been delivered for them, and allows staff to simply scan and load into a free locker. Our system send the image of the parcel along with the one-time secure collection code to the resident.

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Concierge Room

Our innovative concierge room (powered by our partner Parcel SafePlace) provides the most technically advanced parcel management solution on the market. By providing a space in the building we convert this to a automated 24/7 concierge space, allowing delivery companies to use the ground breaking tablet to drop off and notify guests of a parcel delivery. This space can be used for parcel deliveries, groceries and much more. 
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