Concierge Room

Add a concierge room to your building to provide 24/7 access to residents and streamline parcel deliveries in/out of your building

Why install a concierge room?

With the continuation of online shopping and the need for convenience, the parcel dilemma is only going to get worse. If you are a large property you will most likely receive 50-100 parcels day, along with grocery deliveries and local couriers dropping off on-demand orders. One way to eliminate staff costs from handling parcels and enhancing the resident experience is by allocating a space within your building to act as a fully automated digital concierge room. We have integrated our technology exclusively with Parcel SafePlace the leading provider of parcel management solutions in the student and PRS sector. 

Concierge Room

Create a 24/7 digital concierge room in your building

Case Study

Vive Living - PRS Scheme, London

Vive Living selected Parcel SafePlace as the parcel management solution for their brand new residential development. 

  • Parcel carriers and supermarkets deliver directly into the room.  
  • 100% of parcels can be delivered first time every time. 
  • No limitation on space, Black Friday & Xmas = No Issues

The volume of deliveries is only expected to increase which is why the Concierge Room is the best future proof  and cost effective parcel management solution.

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