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Once Upon a Time...
When @keiladoyle was looking for some hair services in a convenient time to her, she discovered mobile beauty apps but due to her experience working in the beauty industry, she was disappointed to find that services were performed poorly and beauticians were not being treated fairly. She hired a small team of beauticians and got to work to figure out how to keep them inspired and to make sure that customers would have the highest quality experience. Our first photoshoot was organised in order to allow our stylists to connect and discuss how we could improve on demand beauty.Oh - and we don't go around hiring just anyone. To be part of our squad a beautician has to be talented, experienced and have a great personality. We want our customers to enjoy not only a great beauty service but a pleasant session with their stylist. Since opening in 2016 we provided thousands of services in London & Cork, Ireland and we are opening in new cities soon. Follow our day to day and beauty tips via our Instagram! 
Since then, we have made sure our company keeps growing without loosing our team focus and we often have parties and meetings to discuss where we are going next and to also keep that family feel.Not an appointment, an EXPERIENCE

RnD Creatives Ltd



RnD Creatives is a London-based agency representing some of the best creatives worldwide! 

Founded by renowned choreographer, Royston in 2011, RnD Creatives has provided a variety of creatives including dancers, stylists and makeup artists for performers around the globe. 

Some of RnD Creatives most notable creatives are Gifty Louise, Callum Vincent and Carl Campbell. 


About us


About us

Our massage therapists are qualified, insured and caring in their approach - they will come equipped with everything required for the treatment booked.  A quiet space at work such as a meeting room is best for chair massage, relaxing music provided!

On-Site Chair Massage

The techniques used are based on acupressure massage which is an effective over the clothes treatment, providing relief from muscular tension whilst relaxing and calming the mind.  Sessions are carried out on an ergonomically designed chair, which our clients love, and without oils.  We recommend a regular session for maximum benefits.

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing and calming treatment which can be carried out at the desk without oils.  Head, neck, shoulders and upper back are covered to ease tension and promote wellbeing.

Massage at Work

  • On a regular basis - book a massage therapist to visit weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • On a one time basis - arrange a visit during a particularly demanding time, as a bonus or a reward
  • For a wellbeing day or week

Event Massage

  • At your industry expo - branded t-shirts can be worn
  • At a business show to attract more visitors
  • To promote and create a buzz around your brand