PingLocker provides an ‘out of the box’ concierge operating platform for entrepreneurs and concierge businesses looking to better serve their customers.
Do you want to start your own on-demand concierge business? We are experts at combining technology with operational excellence, customer support functions with the sales & marketing tools to deliver a complete service proposition. With our 'Out of the box solution' get your business live in 4 weeks!

About Us

PingLocker is on a mission to transform the way residents and employees’ access products and services when at home or the office. We are a British business, founded in London in 2013. Our online concierge operating platform joins up Property Owners/Managers looking to add amenities to their building for residents; customers who want the ultimate convenience when ordering products & services in their home or workplace; local service provides who seek to expand their businesses but don’t have the technology or logistics experience. 

Customers order via our app or a branded resident/workplace app, they can then place orders anytime, whether it be a food delivery order, dry cleaning, housekeeping or a personal training session. Everything is managed via the app as both the user and supplier of the service communicate via the platform. 

We operate in across the UK, and are now launching in new cities across Europe with our partners and are looking to build a strong team of highly motivated and passionate people who can help us lead the development of our platform and bring the PingLocker convenience to every apartment and workplace. If your an entrepreneur or concierge business looking to leverage our 'out of the box' concierge operating platform we would love to work with you. 

Do you want to start your own on-demand concierge business?

#PINGLOCKER is the first on-demand property concierge platform allowing residential and commercial property developers, owners and managers to provide additional amenities to residents/workers, build a thriving community, enhance engagement & retention, drive efficiencies and generate additional ancillary revenue. 

We have integrated our operations and hardware (intelligent lockers that we place in buildings providing 24/7 collection/delivery of orders) with the Blackbell technology allowing entrepreneurs and concierge companies an 'out of the box' operating platform to run your business and ignite the digital potential in your country or city. 

The PingLocker operating platform has many modules that are fully configurable. We provide support in setting up your entire concierge business and are experts at combining technology with operational excellence, customer support functions with the sales and marketing tools in order to deliver a complete service proposition. 

By joining the PingLocker platform we can help you launch your business reach new customers and build your presence within local marketplaces. 

Leveraging our proven technology and operating model to ignite the digital potential in your Country or City

Our PingLocker Pro BlackBell concierge platform package provides an opportunity to partner with our market leading on-demand concierge brand and launch PingLocker in your city. 

You leverage everything our business has from our suppliers, products & services and operating systems. All sales and marketing collateral is readily available aswell as access to our customer support and operations function. We already work with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry making it easier for you to unlock the potential in your region.

What will you receive as a PingLocker partner?
A full ‘turnkey’ operating model package will provide you with everything you need to start and grow your e-concierge business, including:

✔︎5 day training course at PingLocker HQ plus continuous training✔︎Full stationary start up pack✔︎Individual branded website and app✔︎Access to a full design team for all your artwork✔︎Help desk for day to day questions, coaching and advice✔︎Access to an instant chat solution allowing you to contact all other PingLocker agents to have discussions, share ideas and best practice✔︎Ongoing lead generation programme✔︎PingLocker operations manual
✔︎3-5-year agreement with right to renew

Your Dedicated Web Design Agency

We set up your front end website and app

Your concierge platform is designed and built right here in the UK by our in-house design team. Our dedicated creative web design & development team are experts in delivering tailor-made solutions using Blackbell. 
Here is what we will provide:

✔︎ Your branded mobile optimized website
✔︎ Custom domain name 
✔︎ Native App loaded to the App stores
✔︎ Products & Services Configured
✔︎ Online Payment via Stripe
✔︎ Language translation (5x languages)
✔︎ Integrated live chat 
✔︎ Integrated mailing tools
✔︎ Full SEO optimization
✔︎ Google analytics set-up
✔︎ Business email & phone set up

You can also choose to license the PINGLOCKER brand to further leverage opportunities in your local market.

We configure your back office platform & systems

Our expert team configure everything you need in your Blackbell platform to operate your business - saving you time and money!

We build, integrate and manage everything:

✔︎ Configuration & set up of team members
✔︎ Team alerts & escalations rules
✔︎ Products & services listings
✔︎ Loading of pricing tables
✔︎ Integration of our 'plug & play' concierge services
✔︎ Configuration your local marketplace
✔︎ Supplier invitations and on-boarding 
✔︎ Supplier set-up and onboarding
✔︎ Supplier workflow rules & configuration 
✔︎ Reporting dashboards and analytics
✔︎ Customer chat support set up
✔︎ Customer ticketing system set up

We will support you in delivering operational excellence

We take care of the essentials so you can focus on what you do best.  We support the integration of our 'plug & play' on-demand services and the on-boarding and management of local suppliers as partners to enhance your offer to your local community and clients. 

Our expert teams have being providing on-demand marketplace services for over 5 years, and we will support you in delivering operational excellence to your clients and customers:

✓ Dedicated Operations support manager 
✓ Your PingLocker operations manual
 Supplier SLA and KPI frameworks
✓ Tools to manage suppliers service levels 
✓ Supplier training materials
✓ Performance dashboards templates
✓ Supplier commercial agreements templates
✓ Product & Service T&Cs templates
✓ Share optimisation and efficiency strategies
✓ Customised customer support ticketing system
✓ In-App Live Chat with our teams

As a partner you also have access to our support services including multilingual live chat agents to provide cost effective customer service solutions without the need to employ staff.

Your complete sales & marketing solution

Helping to Drive your Business Growth

We brilliantly combine data, insights and creativity to get people liking, sharing, calling, clicking and buying more products and services, more often.  All the time, our focus is on acquisition, engagement and satisfaction. 

We support sales, marketing and digital activities to engage your audience: 

✔︎ Sales and marketing collateral
✔︎ Sales pitches for industry sectors
✔︎ Cross sell & upsell best practise
✔︎ Campaign planning support
✔︎ Shared data & insight
✔︎ Launch event guides 
✔︎ Social Events Schedules
✔︎ Digital & Email Marketing Ideas
✔︎ Design & Print templates
✔︎ Promotional Videos templates
✔︎ PR and industry marketing ideas

As a partner you also have access to our design and creative teams, for cost effective branded materials and 'out of the box' launch event materials.

We upskill your business and provide ongoing support

One 2 One training, online training and group training

We're knowledgeable about your App, product and services and provide the complete customer support operation. We handle all the customer care activities, while regularly training and improving our team.

With every App we provide the core customer support tools and teams for your brand:

✓ 5-day training induction at PingLocker HQ
✓ Operations training - systems and processes
 Sales courses - sales skills & selling techniques
✓ Customer service training
✓ Access Blackbell CMS training videos
✓ Order management processes
✓ Marketplace management training
✓ Resolution Management processes
✓ Customer retention guidelines
✓ Help desk for day to day questions, coaching and advice
✓ Knowledge Base - collaborate with other PingLocker partners; discussion boards, share ideas and best practice

Integrated hardware solutions

Provide a USP within buildings and communities with intelligent final mile delivery & collection solutions

As a PingLocker partner you have access to the online shop to purchase our integrated delivery solutions. 

Our digital concierge lockers and rooms allow users within a building or community to choose when, where and how they order goods and services. We solve the physical reality of “getting the goods” in the users hands and provide intelligent final mile delivery solutions for your marketplace partners and clients.

The benefits of providing integrated solutions include:
✓ Streamline deliveries/collections for your marketplace suppliers
✓ Dry cleaning, groceries, products can be delivered 24/7
✓ Provides the ultimate convenience for users
✓ Works with all logistic companies

We supply and install our solution in providing a unique selling point for your business.

Simple Pricing. Grow your Business.